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Ok, gang, got a cup of coffee ready?  Hope these JPEG's didn't take too long for you to download.  I'll try to provide a picture and description of each quilt, approximate date and pertinent and "unpertinent" info with each.  Also, let me remind you that all my stuff is copyrighted and I can get really cranky if I find anyone selling or misusing my designs (and so can my attorney).

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All designs © 2001,2002 Claudia E. Plett, all rights reserved

Gallery 10:

#38.  Penguins Play - May, 2003.  Now that winter's over.....I think of penguins in a light-hearted way.  Not for a beginner--perhaps a "confident" beginner.  Lots of those quick-corner pieces, so can get kind of confusing if you don't pay attention to what you are doing at the time.  As long as you take your time, and layout the pieces BEFORE you begin on a block, it's a piece of cake.  I would love to embellish this one with Christmasy things, like a North Pole sign, or Christmas trees all around, or add some reindeer etc.  Also one could add some toys that penguins might like to play with--like a sled, or innertube, beach ball.  Definite possibilities. It's available on the pattern page, of course.  Kits available on the Misc 4 Sale page .

Penguins Play

Here's a closer view.  I used a swirly blue fabric for the sky/ocean and a white fabric with small black circles in it for the ice/ground.

Penguins and hungry baby

#39. Appliquéd Vase of Flowers - June 2003.  Every once in a while I get a strong "itch" to applique.  This scratched my itch for sure.  Made it for a good friend.  Embellished with some star beads on the vase, sequins on the flowers with little blue rhinestones in the centers.  Enjoyed every minute of it.

#40.  Short 'n Scrappy--Picture Frame - July, 2003.  I had a good friend, Christine Moser, piece this top for me--and she did a great job!  This is another in the scrap quilt series of which I have yet to complete the retail pattern.  Just two more quilts to go!  I'm trying to completely test each pattern first from start to finish and that takes a little time to organize.  This one machine quilted by Hillside Stitches, Pryor, Oklahoma.  These quilts are great for charity and for using up your stash!  BTW (by the way), the 4-patch in the center part of the quilt would be great for an applique' or to stitch someone's photo onto.  

Update 7/28/03:  The pattern for the 8 scrappy quilts, Short 'N Scrappy, is now available on the pattern page.

Short n' Scrappy - Picture Frame

Closer View:

Close Up

#41.  Lone Star Basics-Plus Applique--July, 2003.  This is a sample quilt for the store where I work part-time, Just Quilt It!, in Tulsa.  We'll be having classes on this quilt this fall.  We used all batik fabrics, bright and cheerful.  The corners and side insets were done with a quilting stencil as a template for the pieces, and in hand applique.  It took about 2 days for the star portion, but about 5 weeks for the applique.  Fusible applique would have been much quicker, but call me old-fashioned, I guess.  Machine quilting was done by C & C Quilting, Tulsa (Shirley & Mary Covey).  They free motioned feathery motifs in the star similar to the way they did my peacocks quilt before.  Very nice work.  We will be "kitting" this up soon, and the kits will be available on the Misc 4 Sale page.  Lone Star basics pattern itself is available on the pattern page.

Finished Lone Star at Just Quilt It


closer view

Updated Picture 9/11/03:

#42.  Short n' Scrappy Series--August thru October, 2003--Eight different scrap quilts in the series.  Six of them completed.  Each one is simple and either a one or two block design.

City Streets


Ducks in a Row

Picture Frame

Plaid Mad


#43.  Toy Box Baby Quilt--42" x 42"--October, 2003--This was fun!  In the center is a little toy box, surrounded by toys.  A teddy bear, boat, house, truck, rattle, airplane, pacifier, and rubber ducky.  Machine quilting by Donna Titsworth, Inola, Oklahoma.  Pattern available on the Pattern page.

#44.  Bandana Quilt - 85" x 85"--December 2003--This was fun, too!  First a trip to the local motorcycle dealership for the "perfect" bandana for the center medallion.  Then the pattern for it from Just Quilt It! (It's their "Sports Quilt" pattern).  Then the perfect "flame" fabric for the really hot corner sections.  Kaufman makes this fabric shown here.  I added enough black to the bandana to get the center section to measure what the pattern calls for.  I made this for my 33-yo son to replace the one I made back when he was a teenager.  He absolutely had worn out the old one and requested a new one.  So this was for his Christmas present.  Everyone who has seen it now wants one.  So---back to the dealership again....maybe red/white/blue this time.  

85" x 85"

**These "smudged" photos will be used until such time as I can obtain permission to display the originals  from the owner of the trademark on the bandana, currently pending.

If you plan to do this quilt, or one like it, be sure to select a bandana that reads diagonally across the center for the large quilt.  For their smaller version, you could use a straight-set bandana.  Another thing I discovered about using bandanas--when you pre-wash them, they shrink to a rectangular shape (It's not noticeable).  Therefore, you have to adjust how much you add to it to make it "square".  Here's a closer view of the center:

Close Up


These are just some of many, of course.  We will be adding more as time goes by, so check back often.  Thanks for your time!!

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