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Ok, gang, got a cup of coffee ready?  Hope these JPEG's didn't take too long for you to download.  I'll try to provide a picture and description of each quilt, approximate date and pertinent and "unpertinent" info with each.  Also, let me remind you that all my stuff is copyrighted and I can get really cranky if I find anyone selling or misusing my designs (and so can my attorney).

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All designs © 2001 - 2005 Claudia E. Plett, all rights reserved

Gallery 15:

#67.  "Lone"-ly Hearts, April, 2005 - 52" x 52".  A challenge quilt.  It's at the machine quilter's now.  I've been pretty busy this month!  This is all applique hearts and leaves in the background of the lone star.  (The camera, for some reason, cannot duplicate the color of the fuchsia hearts without making them red).  Pattern now available!  Entering in Mary Covey's fabric challenge using her "Watercolor Etchings" line with P&B.

Lone-ly Hearts

Close-up of corner square:

Close-up of corner square

Update!  5/24/2005--It's back from the quilter, Donna Titsworth, here in Inola.  Here are a couple of close-ups of what she did.  Great job, Donna!  She did a "flourished" stippling in the background.  Every other row in the diamond sections is a wreath of hearts.  Absolutely gorgeous!

"flourished" stippling, some people affectionately call it "Titsworthing"

Wreaths of Heart shapes

Another Update 7/29/05--It won first place!!  in the fabric challenge for Mary Covey and P&B textiles!  YAY!!  Here's the proof:  :-)

#68.  Carola's Square Dance, July 2005 - 84" x 68".  Finally finished the larger version of Carola's design.  Now I have a "momma" and a "baby".  I thought it would take longer to do, but was pleasantly surprised to see just how fast it went together.  I'm going to leave the large one on the wall for a while.  I love the color it puts into the room.


These are just some of many, of course.  We will be adding more as time goes by, so check back often.  Thanks for your time!!

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