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Ok, gang, got a cup of coffee ready?  Hope these JPEG's didn't take too long for you to download.  I'll try to provide a picture and description of each quilt, approximate date and pertinent and "unpertinent" info with each.  Also, let me remind you that all my stuff is copyrighted and I can get really cranky if I find anyone selling or misusing my designs (and so can my attorney).

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All designs © 2001 - 2007 Claudia E. Plett, all rights reserved

Gallery 19:

#83.  Triplets!! - July, 2006 - Baby Nickels - Here are 3 quilts made for triplet grandbabies of a friend, 2 girls and a boy.  I used the same focal fabric on all three and just changed the color schemes.  Quite fun!


#84. Bob's Memory Quilt - June, 2006 - I've been working on this for the last year, usually every Sunday.  It's been great therapy for me.  It's made from his shirts, and has been a true labor of love.  

In memory of Robert A. Plett, 1942 - 2005

I placed two pictures of him in the quilt top.  The one at the upper left was taken when he was 4 years old:

Then in the lower right is a more recent photo taken in 2004:

The triangle-shaped blocks symbolize the Trinity, as he was a devout Christian.  The overall geometric appearance denotes his occupation as an engineer.  I'm hand quilting it in a network of straight lines symbolizing his love for all things dealing with computers and the internet.

#85.  Ocean Baby - June, 2006 - One day I had an "itch" to work with some new batiks I had recently purchased.  Since I always need baby quilts to have on hand, I picked out some "fishy" fabric and had some fun.

It was some novelty fabric with fish and turtles and all kinds of ocean things in it.  And it worked well with the batik fat quarters I had.  Satisfied my "itch" I guess.  :-)

These are just some of many, of course.  We will be adding more as time goes by, so check back often.  Visit the many gallery archives below.  Thanks for your time!!

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