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Gallery Archive #2

You May Want to Go Get Yours

Ok, gang, got a cup of coffee ready?  Hope these JPEG's didn't take too long for you to download.  I'll try to provide a picture and description of each quilt, approximate date and pertinent and "unpertinent" info with each.  Also, let me remind you that all my stuff is copyrighted and I can get really cranky if I find anyone selling or misusing my designs (and so can my attorney).

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All designs © 2001,2002 Claudia E. Plett, all rights reserved

ArchiveGallery 1 - Warren Peacock Quilt, Bayer Schoolhouse Quilt, Jantz Giant Dahlia Quilt, Bradford Raffle Quilt, Eden Broken Star Quilt, Frankenstein Quilt

Gallery 2:

    #7.  Simply Amish - This is the quilt top made from a block-of-the-month project - a wall hanging.  You could add wide borders for a more traditional looking bed size quilt.  Mine is at the quilter's right now.  Here is the before picture, will include the after picture when it comes back home.  It is somewhat progressive, in that the beginning blocks are easier than the last.  There's no templates involved.  A simple top that adds a very comfortable feel to a room.  This project runs from August, 2001, for 8 months.  If you don't want to wait 8 months for the pattern, you can order it for $9.95.  Update:  Added the finished top, hard to see quilting, so added a close-up below 11/16/01.  My quilter friend was not enthused about white thread on a black quilt, but she did a beautiful job anyway.  Actually, the traditional way would be to use black thread as Amish used to shy away from exploiting their stitches in contrasting thread.  It's that prideful thing, you know.  I love it and it stays on the back of my couch.


    #8.  This is the short version of our House Hunting pattern (also a block of the month).  The pattern version calls for two blocks of each pattern for a bigger quilt plus it has outside courthouse steps border blocks.  This was my short wall hanging version made just for fun.  It's a 9-month pattern beginning this month (October, 2001).  And you can order the pattern here too if you don't want to wait that long.  I really had fun with it.  This wall hanging cries out, "embellish me!". Some ideas for embellishing would be maybe a swing set on the school house lawn, clouds in the sky, chickens in the yard of the chicken coop, and the outhouse definitely needs a moon shape on it, or make it where the door will open to reveal a "two-seater" or something.

House Hunting

    #9.   Ascot Adventure - (Courtesy of the WK Warren, Jr., Collection).  This is the latest commissioned piece for the Warren family.  They are thoroughbred owners and he helped in the design layout.  It consists of 25 appliquéd jockey "silks" taken from a racing program brought back from the races at Ascot in England a few years ago (also includes the queen's White Chapel set).  I placed Mr. Warren's own silks in the center of the quilt.  The names of the horses are written on the little white banners.  The fabric for the grass was located completely by chance.  I happened across it at a little shop in Tulsa that is no more.  As you can see in the close up, it has small "stripes" of grass and the hand quilting is stitched around each stripe.  I've never seen cotton fabric like it since, but it was perfect for this quilt. The picture on the lower right is a close-up of the back side.  I used the scrap silk fabric to make the striped binding.  I won't tell you how many hours I have in this quilt, because I frankly don't know.  I quit counting somewhere around 350 hours.  I can tell you that it has taken quite a long time to get it done.  It has been a part of our family life for the past 4 or 5 years.  It has seen two marriages, the death of one son, and the birth of four grandsons.  I'm glad it will have a good home.

Ascot Adventure


    #10.  Ozark Mountain Night - This is one of our patterns on this site.  I pieced it in August, 2001, and donated it to the Sewing Society at Eden Mennonite church (see related item in September Newsletter).  It will look good on someone's queen-size bed with a white dust ruffle and white shams, huh?  Lots of half-square triangle units in that one!

Ozark Mountain Night

    #11.   My Stars & Bars - This was a good "therapy" quilt, considering recent world events.  I don't feel "blue" anymore.  Now I feel "red, white, & blue"!  I'm making this pattern this month's new free project (2001).  Maybe it will pull a few more people out of their blue funk.  I hope so.  It's a twin size quilt, template free of course, 11 blocks - some 9" and some 4 1/2".  Complete pattern set available on the pattern page.  Here's a pic and close-up:

    #12.  Easy Eights - This was a fun top.  It's so nice to be able to piece 8-pointed stars without 45 angles, set-in pieces, or templates.  Super quick, too.  This would be great with red & green Christmas prints or even better in pastels for a baby.  It's on the pattern page now, and probably a free block of the month later.  Made it in VIP fabrics in Royal Blue/Goldenrod/Deep Red/Hunter Green.  Plan to quilt it on my table top machine when I get time.  Update 1/1/02:  Donated this top to the Quilter's Mall Crawl by in January, '02.


ArchiveGallery 1 - Warren Peacock Quilt, Bayer Schoolhouse Quilt, Jantz Giant Dahlia Quilt, Bradford Raffle Quilt, Eden Broken Star Quilt, Frankenstein Quilt

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