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Gallery Archive #3

You May Want to Go Get Yours

Ok, gang, got a cup of coffee ready?  Hope these JPEG's didn't take too long for you to download.  I'll try to provide a picture and description of each quilt, approximate date and pertinent and "unpertinent" info with each.  Also, let me remind you that all my stuff is copyrighted and I can get really cranky if I find anyone selling or misusing my designs (and so can my attorney).

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All designs © 2001,2002 Claudia E. Plett, all rights reserved

ArchiveGallery 1 - Warren Peacock Quilt, Bayer Schoolhouse Quilt, Jantz Giant Dahlia Quilt, Bradford Raffle Quilt, Eden Broken Star Quilt, Frankenstein Quilt
ArchiveGallery 2 - Simply Amish Wall Hanging, House Hunting Wall Hanging, Warren Ascot Adventure, Ozark Mountain Night Quilt, My Stars & Bars Quilt Top, Easy Eights Wall Hanging

Gallery 3:

    #13.  Quilter's Alphabet - This was really fun!  I usually play in my workshop mornings when I don't baby-sit with grandkids.  Then the rest of the day is all business or family.  I started out making 2 blocks a day.  But it was so quick, I finished the whole top in about a week.  I plan to do more 6" block designing in the future.  I think I could really enjoy miniature work too.  I appliquéd the corner heart blocks in the evening during tv time.  And will use that time to quilt it myself now.  This one is perfect size for hoop quilting as it is 40" x 47".  It's a fun conversational piece to take to the quilting group and see who can name the most blocks from A to Z.  You'll have to buy this pattern off the pattern page, because it will never be on the free block of the month page.  Unless some of our "die hard" quilters out there want to prolong the project over 27 months.  This is a definite bargain at $9.95 for a 27-block pattern.

Quilter's Alphabet
Quilter's Alphabet

    #14.  Proud Mamas Crib Quilt - I'm proud of this pattern, too.  These duck mamas love to show off their offspring.  Kinda' like grandmas who take their grandkids shopping, huh?  (Sorry, the photo is kinda' crooked.  It's not the quilt, I promise.  It's the photographer.)  This is available on the pattern page 2/5/02.  This will also be a free block of the month project sometime this year.  It's 11 blocks: some pieced, some foundation pieced, some 6", some 12".  It measures a "hefty" 54 x 60".  Two mama ducks and 7 baby ducks (notice one a little different appearance, just like most kids).  I put storm clouds in the sky, could use white.  You could use half of the pattern (top or bottom) for a wall hanging.  Just add some 4 patch border blocks for the 4th side.  And maybe use the little duck pattern for a baby pillow or two.  Or a bumper pad.  Lots of possibilities.  I plan to machine quilt it (for durability) with an ocean wave pattern below and cloud pattern above, and use the grass green to bind it.

Proud Mamas Crib Quilt

Here's an update 7/14/03:

Well, would you believe just got around to having it machine quilted.  My good friend, Donna Titsworth, purchased a new Gammill and did the work for me.  She did some very creative cattails in the grass, and added feathers to the duckies.  She did a great job!

Here's a close-up:

    #15.  Twilling - This is not mine, but thought you might like to see it.  Yes, it's the "Twilling Quilt" I spoke of in December's newsletter.  It's on the frame at Eden Mennonite Church (Inola) being quilted now.  Made by a dear, sweet lady in Guymon, Oklahoma, by the name of Mary Jane Fast.  It ,will be auctioned next fall at the state Mennonite relief sale in November.  There are also a few pillow tops to go with it.  The pillow top shown has been quilted.  This is a queen size 90 x 116.

MCC 2002 Twilling Quilt    MCC Twilling Pillow

    #16.  Grandma's Buttons, Lap Quilt - This little project above came about from some inspiration a nice group of ladies gave me on the scrap quilting forum.  The subject was being a "frugal" quilter.  I remembered all these sample books someone had bestowed upon me.  So I was inspired to get busy.  So far I have made this lap quilt from the satin samples, and I have made a doggy door out of the clear upholstery vinyl that comes as a cover on the sample books.  How "frugal" is that?  So now I'm warm, and my doggy is warm, too.!  The lap quilt is made from 6" antique satin squares and a triple border of 2" pieces.  I used a flannel backing and low-loft batting.  Instead of tying it, I sewed in some antique buttons that once belonged to my grandmother and also added four tassels on the corners.  Using the "birthing" method so I wouldn't have to bind the edges.  (Since recently retiring from the machine quilting business, I'm really burned out on bindings).  This one stays on the back of the couch for now.  I enjoy having the feeling of my Grandma in the room.

Grandma's Button Quilt  Close up

     #17.  Shadow Quilt Top - This was my top that I finally got assembled from 12 free blocks from the girls at the forget-me-not studio.  Patricia Margaret and Donna Slusser, as you probably know, are a couple of great gals that are very talented in the pattern and teaching business.  You might have heard of them and their watercolor quilts and these "shadow" quilt patterns.  This project was the result of their free block of the month patterns for the year 2001.  Each was a large block that begins with a large image of a pattern (like a pinwheel), with a medium image of that same block on top of that, then a small image of that same block on top of that.  Very clever and fun to do. I used every last inch of fabric I had for this top.  I had planned to do a different layout, very complicated and ornate, but ended up doing the on-point + borders layout to save time and fabric.  Will have to do some fancy quilting in the alternate, solid blocks.  The background is actually a print in sort of a goldenrod color, hard to distinguish that here.  But for right now, this will have to stay  as a UFO for a while.  At least until I get my Christmas wall hanging done.

Shadow Quilt Top

    #18.  Nite-Nite Express - This took a while to design the pattern.  Lots of piecing here.  Not for beginners.  Or maybe ok for "confident" beginners.  My 3 year old #3 grandson is crazy for trains.  "Tommy the Train" is his favorite movie.  That tape isn't going to last much longer.  He's going to wear it out playing it over and over.  His birthday is April 30, so this is for him.  This is the top before machine quilting by my friend, Regina.  I'll try to photo "after" also.  It has 4 trains with sashing in between and a "track" border.  If I had not been in a hurry to get it done, I would have spent more time embellishing.  This one is similar to "House Hunting" in that it cries out to be embellished.  I did put some little kids print of little boys as the engineers and a couple of passengers.  Next time (and I know his little brother is going to want one too) I'll put some cars or toys on the flat cars, maybe some airplanes in the sky, all kinds of different passengers, animals and people on it.  This pattern is available on the pattern page, and also a shorter "baby" version and a wall hanging.  This will be the last photos for this page.


           These are just some of many, of course.  We will be adding more as time goes by, so check back often.  Thanks for your time!!


Gallery 1 - Warren Peacock Quilt, Bayer Schoolhouse Quilt, Jantz Giant Dahlia Quilt, Bradford Raffle Quilt, Eden Broken Star Quilt, Frankenstein Quilt
Gallery 2 - Simply Amish Wall Hanging, House Hunting Wall Hanging, Warren Ascot Adventure, Ozark Mountain Night Quilt, My Stars & Bars Quilt Top, Easy Eights Wall Hanging

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