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Granny's Tips

5 & Dimes Ruler Set

These are great for use with "Loose Change" projects!

Set includes one 10" square ruler and one 5" square ruler.

Made of florescent green acrylic.  Easy to read.  Laser-engraved ruled lines.  For more info and to order, click HERE.


Quilt Frame Corner Stands-- Construction Plans

Yes, it's the plans to build your own quilt frame corner stands.  In the old days, quilters used sawhorses to support their wooden frames. These corner stands are a very unique way to support your 1 x 2 frame boards and a good way to help "stabilize" the frame.  And, they are stackable, for easy closet storage.  Working height measures 28 1/2" from the floor.

Order the plans and ask your favorite "handyman/person" to make a set for you!

  $6.00 Downloadable PDF

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