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Vol. II, No. IV, April, 2002
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Me & My Shadow.....
This was my top that I finally got assembled this month from 12 free blocks from the girls at the forget-me-not studio.  Patricia Margaret and Donna Slusser, as you probably know, are a couple of great gals that are very talented in the pattern and teaching business.  You might have heard of them and their watercolor quilts and these "shadow" quilt patterns.  This project was the result of their free block of the month patterns for the year 2001.  Each was a large block that begins with a large image of a pattern (like a pinwheel), with a medium image of that same block on top of that, then a small image of that same block on top of that.  Very clever and fun to do.  They have a few other things in process and online that we all might enjoy.  Online workshops, another 2002 block of the month (which I have yet to get started on), as well as their teaching workshops.  Be sure and visit them at:

You can also see my blocks here on their shadow block of the month guest gallery page under my name, as well as others who made the blocks last year.

Site seeing, anyone?

Here's a super site for you to spend some time and some printer paper on.  I usually try to point out a few sites (even though they are competitors) that deserve some of your precious time.  This one has some wonderful quick projects and also some good applique for beginners. favorite...yo-yo projects.  Be sure to check out the little yoyo turkey pin.  SOoooooo  cute! and quick!  Here's the URL:

Here's another "Super Site".  This one is like an online guild.  They are just getting a good start, so get in on the ground floor.  Spend some quality quilting time here.  They even have an online quilty crossword puzzle.  So many things to do here.

No words necessary for this one:

Here's something you might enjoy also.  Find out which Muppet you are.  I'm a Rowlf, you know, the dog that tells bad jokes?   I was expecting to be Oscar the Grouch.  Guess they've heard me tell jokes.

What's New?

This month's free Block of the Month is "Proud Mamas".  Yes, it's finally free.  Consists of  11 - 6" and 12" blocks.  One block is foundation pieced, surprised?  I don't normally use paper foundation piecing in my patterns, but just this once, maybe.  It's really cute, I think.  It measures 54 x 60, so it's a pretty good size crib quilt.  A person could make an abbreviated version by just piecing the top or bottom half (one set of ducks instead of two) and it would make a very nice wall hanging.  Or even make bumper pads from just the ducky blocks.  Check out mine on the gallery page.  And, as usual, if you don't want to wait for the freebie, you can order on the pattern page now.  Enjoy!!


In the Works:

All Aboard!!Here's a glimpse of something I'm working on for a new pattern here.  Just in the beginning stages now, but am having a really good time designing this one.  This version is a twin size 68 x 86.  Will be working on an abbreviated wall hanging version this month.  Hopefully will have this one for a block of the month soon.  So, if you have any input, would be glad to hear it.  Speak now, or forever hold your peace (pieces?).  Have another version a little more complicated with pieced railroad track borders, too.  

I also have an idea for a Nine Patch Cookbook of sorts.  Different "recipes" for 9-Patch and Split 9-Patch quilts.  One "recipe" per month.  Would include block requirements and arrangements of several different NP and SNP blocks, in 2 1/2" and 3" squares.

And don't forget Granny's Tip of the Month for April!

May you always have a quilt in the hoop, I try to.                            

March 31, 2002


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