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This is where we spent most of our time at the MCC Sale in Enid, Oklahoma.

It was the "Quilters' Corner".  They had fabric in rolls of all kinds and colors.  Most of it $.50 to $1.00 per yard.  And women from all over the state donated all their UFO's and unwanted patterns, magazines, laces, trims, ribbons, etc.  It took some time to go through everything.  We ended up with about 3 or 4 rolls of yardage of unusual prints.  

The sale took place the first weekend of November, when most of you were at Houston.  Yours truly couldn't get to Enid due to storms until later on Saturday morning.  The sale starts on Friday night, with various activities.  Then on Saturday morning they start the auction with an assorted array of craft items.  These are usually handcrafted items by the different Mennonite and Amish communities over the state.  Sometimes they can be very unusual items.  When we got there, the crafts had already sold, but we did get one glimpse of a gorgeous wooden 4-wheel wagon/cart being pulled out by its new owner.  They started the quilt auction around 11:00 a.m.  We got there around noon and they had already auctioned several quilts.  We missed out on good position to get pictures close up.

Update 12/08/01:  Here's the actual figures on the auction outcome.  Nine quilts were auctioned for more than $800.  Matching funds were added to that price.  With matching funds added, the top 5 quilts brought $4650, $3600, $2850, $2600, & $l600.  The total for just the quilts portion was $44,053.  Some of the higher price items in the craft auction were:  l976 Olds 98 for $4l00, Peddle Tractor for $1000, Wooden Wagon for $600, and a playhouse for $600.  The total for the craft auction was $l5,0l5.  The grand total income for the entire sale, auctions and booths was $119,875.

MCC Auction Bay  Eden Menn. Quilt

This is the auction bay where they place the current quilt being bid upon to view on a rotating bed-like display.  This one above is the "Hearts & Arrows" quilt pieced by Dorothy Griffin, and quilted and donated by the women of the Eden Mennonite Sewing Society.  This picture doesn't do the quilt justice, and neither did the going prices of the day.  Most of the quilts sold for under $l,000, which is very unusual for this sale.  The Hears & Arrows quilt brought $525.00.  

MCC Redwork Featured Quilt

This is the "feature" quilt.  Not a good picture either.  This was a gorgeous redwork quilt.  Each block was embroidered by a participating Mennonite/Amish church in the state and organized by a sponsoring church.  It had borders and sashing in red and white triangles, a lot of work and only sold for $950.  This was the year to get a good quilt at a bargain price, I guess.  People sure seem to be cautious with their spending now, even if it is charitable giving.  The "feature" quilt customarily sells for at least $l500-2000.

Old Order Amish - Chouteau  Raw Edges Out Technique

I did manage to sneak a few pictures of the quilts before they were auctioned.  This one on the left was a very well made giant dahlia with a Boston Commons border in shades of teal and turquoise.  Very nice.  The closeup on the right was an unusual quilt.  Machine quilted, but pieced with raw edges out, a popular technique nowadays.  I wish I had taken the time to write down the names and titles of these, but I was in such a hurry to obtain the shots while no one was in front of them passing by or grabbing them to be auctioned off.  Most of the quilts had clear plastic covers on them for protection and weren't very photo-friendly.  Next year, I'll know to GO EARLY, in spite of any inclement weather.

Corduroy Quilt   Patty Russell's Sunbonnet

The quilt on the left was my favorite.  All corduroy, no batting.  Very simple blocks in a random layout and simply hand quilted.  The center panel reads "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know, For the Bible, Tells Me So".  The words were painted, I think, or marked in pen, not embroidered.  I loved it.  And, of course, the Sunbonnet quilt in 30's repro fabric on the right was very neat and pretty.

Hungry Hungry Hippos?

This is where most of the men spent their day, the eating area.  They had a lot to eat, homemade of course.  They had veranika, bierocks, Indian tacos, Russian pancakes, ice cream, German sausage of all kinds, sausage sandwiches, and hamburgers.  We got there around 1:00, had my mouth set for a bierock or two.  They were sold out.  We had hamburgers and chips and New Year's Cookies for desert.  The ladies sitting with us had the Indian tacos and raved about them.  Oh, and a good cup of coffee.

10,000 Villages

This is one of the display tables at the Ten Thousand Villages booth.  I love to spend time looking at all the items they have from around the world.  I've bought a lot of Christmas presents from Ten Thousand whenever they "come to town".  All the items are hand made by international missions in third world countries and are extremely fair in price.  These people support themselves by making unique and unusual crafts.  They used to go by the name "Self-Help".  You can visit their website, find a store near you, or get info on events to be held, or contact them on the website hyperlink above.  This table had hand-carved giraffes, trinket boxes, soapstone carvings, candles, all kinds of things.  They also had tables of jewelry, woven items, toys, musical instruments, stationery, finely crocheted tablecloths, linens, and even hammocks.  A friend with me purchased a beautiful choker-style bead/wire necklace for her niece for around $6.95.

10,000 Villages

This is one of their musical instrument tables.  I personally purchased a "Pan" flute that was made in Bolivia and came with a wonderful woven case and for $l9.  They had an assortment of drums, flutes, percussion instruments, noisemakers, maracas, tambourines, whistles, xylophones.  It was a favorite place for all the young kids there, and, consequently, the noisiest place in the building.

Eden Christmas Booth

This is the Eden Mennonite sponsored booth with good friend Lorena Jantz in the foreground.  I kid Lorena about her being always in my pictures, but you know, she never takes a bad picture.  If Lorena's in the picture, it's a good one.  Guess she's my Lucky Charm.  They sell holiday crafts that are donated to the sale.  This year they just about sold everything they had.  Helpers Margaret Henry and Donis Stout by the wall also.  We were waiting for a "twilling" lesson from a nice lady, by the name of Mary Fast, from Guymon, Okla., who was busy making the New Year's Cookies, and she told us she would meet us here at 2:00.  Well, time came & went, so we sent messengers looking for her and it was worth the wait.  We all learn something new every day, don't we?  Well today it was "twilling".  Here's a snapshot of the block she demonstrated:

Twilling, Russian Embroidery

She had made a beautiful quilt top using this crewel embroidery technique.  Don't ask me to demonstrate it, I haven't mastered it yet, but plan to.  Anyway, she gave the quilt top to Lorena for our Eden ladies to quilt for the relief sale for NEXT YEAR!  That'll be a fun project.
(Update:  2/5/02:  See this quilt on the frame on the gallery page, gallery 3)

Other News:  My Simply Amish Top is back from the quilter's.
Here's a close up of the quilting.  You can go to the gallery page to see it better.  Think I have enough pictures in this letter that it will take you guys too long to load as it is.

I put black lining on it as well, and my quilter friend didn't much appreciate that.  She said it was bad enough to quilt it with white thread on top, and yet have all the stitches show on the back too was a little intimidating for her.  I wanted her stitches to show, that's why I did that.  Anyway, she did a good job.  I had already cut the binding strips and they were in the bag with the top, so that I wouldn't lose track of them.  I told her I would bind it myself and I was going to put a sleeve on the back.  Well, she forgot, and sewed the binding on herself.  So I have yet to remove it and put the sleeve in.  She only charged me $l00 (would have been more to a stranger I'm sure) but I paid her $l20.  I was expecting to pay anywhere up to $180 though.  Be prepared to pay the most, and be pleasantly surprised if it's less.

Also have a picture on the gallery of my Quilter's Alphabet finished top.  This one is really fun and really quick to do with 6" blocks.  Check it out.

And we have as our free block of the month project beginning in December, the Easy Eights pattern.  Everyone probably guessed it would be a free block of the month, huh?  Well, next month will be a total surprise  To me, too, actually.  I'm toying with the idea of an applique project.  Just need to work out the logistics of it.  Also, I'm thinking along the miniature piecing line, and maybe you all would give me some input on what you would like to see for next month's project.

On the pattern page:  Something different!  Appliqué!  Here's a quick project for a really sweet table runner/topper.  Make it in Christmas colors, or Blues (for your "blue willow" dinnerware), or all reds for Valentine's Day, even make some pot pads or pot holders using your favorite block.  I plan to have a "companion" project next month that uses the same format, but spring blocks or fall blocks. 

And, back by popular demand, Granny has a new tip of the month for you.  Don't miss that!

Signing off,
May you always have a quilt in the hoop,

November 30, 2001

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