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Vol. IV, No. 2, February, 2003
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Quilter On Board by Nancy Adams

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Caution!   Quilter on Board! Nancy J. Adams

.....and I'll bet she stops at ALL the fabric stores, too!

Delightful, isn't it?  This was a show 'n' tell quilt at the January meeting of the Green Country Quilt Guild (Tulsa, Okla.).  Nancy (that's Nancy's fingers behind the quilt!) told us she went to a seminar/retreat conducted in Colorado Springs last fall with Ricky Tims.  "Aha!" you say.  Can you see the influence Ricky Tims has on us quilters?  What a wonderful explosion of talent Nancy displayed in making this quilt.  And if Ricky is lurking here, our compliments to him for his influence and talent, too!

Congratulations, Nancy, on a beautiful piece of work!

Here's another piece at the same meeting.  This one was a result of a combination of workshops Julana Winegarten took last year.  I don't remember the name of the class she took on the dimensional appliqué.  But I do remember she mentioned taking the workshops that Libby Lehman offered at our guild last October.  The thread play dragonflies were beautiful!  This took a lot of work on her part, but she always takes the time and makes the most gorgeous quilts.  

Julana Wingarten's Quilt

Julana Winegarten and her "thread-play" quilt

There are so many talented ladies at this guild.  They are a great inspiration.  One of their projects currently is a block contest in support of the 20th Anniversary of the Tulsa Volunteer Center, headed up by Lynn Endres of the Center.  Various sponsors around Tulsa are awarding different gifts to the winners of the contest.  The quilt made from the entered blocks will be showcased all around Tulsa in 2003, bringing much deserved attention to the volunteer agencies serving the area.  Here are some of the blocks entered in this contest.  The first one is the set of blocks entered by the day guild group and the 2nd by the night guild group.

Great work, ladies!

Site seeing, anyone?  71 Reasons to Justify Buying Fabric  FBI watching you     Tim Allen would love this!!! 
 Ladies, hide the weedeater string!!!!

A Slight Change:

You may notice a change in our free blocks of the month projects.  Like, perhaps, there isn't a new one this month????  Don't worry, your updates are still there, just not a new project.

Time constraints and lifestyle changes influence everything a person does.  Well, that applies here also.  It's too demanding upon oneself to juggle husband, grandkids, website, grandkids, work, grandkids, to maintain sanity.  Some say I'm not maintaining.  :-)

Therefore, when I have time, I'll be adding free projects on that page.  For now, there are still several projects ongoing, and plenty to keep you busy.

In the Works:  

I'm still working on those scrap quilting patterns.  I have 6 quilt instructions and illustrations finished.  And I'm still in the testing phase.  I've been working on putting some sample quilt tops together for a friend opening a quilt shop in Tulsa and have been lacking in my website work.  The good news is....she'll be carrying my patterns in her shop to retail.  This is the only place on earth other than my website where you can order or purchase my patterns at this time.

I'm planning to have an interview with the new shop owners, LeAnn & Scott Weaver, in next month's newsletter.  They also have an online store in the planning stages.


May you always have a quilt in the hoop, I try to.                            

February 1, 2003


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