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Vol. II, No. VI, June, 2002
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Close Up Quilting Design
This is a close-up of one of the center squares.

    They're gonna' hate me before this one is over.  All those feathers to quilt in the center and corner squares.  Oh, well, glad I don't have to do it myself!  They plan to take this one to the Mennonite Relief Sale next fall in Enid, Oklahoma.  It's kind of a mulberry color background.  All solids.  That's something you don't see much of nowadays.  Everyone has gotten the attitude that solids are taboo.  Most women use hand dyes, marbles, batiks, etc. instead of solid fabrics nowadays.  I like solids myself, but that's just my humble opinion.  Maybe that comes from living in an Amish community here.

    Another thing, doesn't anyone make their own feather wreaths, corner motifs, etc., anymore?  You would think this is a lost art now.  It's very simple process, but a little time consuming.  Most of the quilters I know would rather buy a quilting template stencil, than mark their own.

   The pattern shown above, for instance, could never be purchased anywhere in the right size or design.  You basically start with a shape in mind, i.e., a heart.  Trace the outline of the heart, (I started on the one above with the heart outline, then 3 little hearts.  One at the top, center, and bottom of the first large heart) and with one little "comma"-shaped feather template, start at one end and mark your feathers along that line.  Keep on marking that side of the "spine" until you reach the other end (or intersection).  Then flip the comma template over and start on the other side of the spine, at the same point you began before, and mark until you reach the intersection again.  Don't worry about lining up the feathers to match each other in spacing.  Just butt them against each other and when you reach the other end, you will see spacing or "pairing-up" feathers isn't necessary, except on straight line "spines".  You can also double the spine lines for a nice quill effect.

    Some have asked what I use to mark quilts with.  Basically, I use some kind of chalk and some kind of pencil.  On dark fabrics, I absolutely love and recommend Roxanne's "Quilter's Choice" white marker, and silver one too.  It's a soft chalk-type pencil, but marks finely and stays put longer than most chalk markers.  For dark fabric that I'm going to quilt quickly, I use Clotilde's Chalk Marker that disappears in a couple of days, or you can iron it away.  On light fabrics, I use 5mm lead pencil, or Roxanne's silver pencil, or if quilting quickly, the "purple pen" marker, with a very light touch..  (BTW, don't ever iron over those purple marks unless you want them permanent).  The purple pen marks will make your needle dull, so try to quilt to one side or the other of the line.  I don't recommend that marker for everything though, just when it's necessary.  Well on to other things "quilty"!

Site seeing, anyone? 

A good Stack n/Slash method tutorial:  a good stack/slash tutorial

This is an interesting site.  Type in your birth date and "gauge your age"--- 

Here are two sites for those of you who keep sending me email wanting to know how to make Tshirt quilts.  Well here it is, don't bother me anymore, ok?

Ok, here's our monthly little game.  This time find out what storybook character you are.  I'm Harry Potter, imagine that!

Another site having to do with birthdays.  This one has a listing of what holiday falls on each day.  Look up your birthday and find out what yours is.  Mine is National Roast Suckling Pig Day!


We will NOT start NEW projects 
for the months of July & August.
  I'll Be Back September 1 with a super
new project for you all.  
Of course, there will be July & August updates.
This will give you time to "catch up" on free BOM's!

What's New? 

PLEEASE--don't forget to sign up for the June Mall Crawl!  This is so much fun and can be "fruitful" for you, too, if you win one of the many prizes to be had.  Personally, I am offering somewhere around 15 separate gift certificates for this contest/scavenger hunt myself.  15 lucky people will win a gift certificate from this site, sizable enough to cover the cost of one quilt pattern.  That's just a drop in the bucket compared to all the prizes offered by all the participating merchants.!  And it's fun, too!  You are given a list of merchants.  You visit their site, and find a hidden quilt block.  At the end of the hunt, you will also receive patterns for all the blocks you have seen.  This Mall Crawl lasts only from June 1 - 30, 2002.  So register and win! OK?

Don't forget Granny's Tip of the Month for June!

May you always have a quilt in the hoop, I try to.                            

May 31, 2002


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