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Vol. II, No. III, Mar., 2002
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Twilling Quilt for MCC
Twilling Quilt for MCC

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Twilling Pillow - Quilted    Twilling Quilt, Quilting Design Close Up

MCC Twilling Quilt Update:
Well, we finally got it onto the frame.  Took a couple of Thursdays to get all the marking done.  Boy, all those squiggly swirls!  Had to cut the top down a little, too long.  Wouldn't fit on any frame we had at the church.  Took 6" off both top and bottom borders and it's still 88" x 116".  Good queen size.  

Lorena's getting pretty salty at this twilling stuff.  Now she's using threads of different colors, different backgrounds, different patterns,  even a Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam pattern.  I'll have to take some pictures of those for you.  

For those of you who are new to this site, this is quilt top given to us by Mary Fast of Guymon, Oklahoma.  She did all the work.  We're doing all the quilting.  When it's done, it goes to the Oklahoma State Mennonite Relief Sale in Enid, next November for the auction there.

Here's a couple of pictures you don't want to miss:  These photos have caused quite a stir on a lot the forums this last month.  It's an ad for a quilt show in Florida.  Hope they keep the pictures posted:

Do you remember the worm song?  At the risk of losing all of you from this site, thought I'd share a short item.  People keep adding new and wonderful pattern sites to the web FREE.  Makes my job even harder to stay competitive.  When I come across another site, I get a little depressed (not really), and I say I'm gonna' go eat some worms.  That's what I used to tell my kids when they were complaining, whining and wouldn't stop.  I'd sing the worm song I learned as a kid at summer camp.  It went:

        Everybody hates me, nobody likes me, I'm gonna' eat some worms.....
        Long, skinny, slimy ones--short, fat, juicy ones....Itsy-bitsy, fuzzy-wuzzy worms!

        (Gulp) goes the first one, (Gulp) goes the second one, Ooo! How they wiggle & they squirm.
        Long, skinny, slimy ones--short, fat, juicy ones...Itsy-bitsy, fuzzy-wuzzy worms!

        (Earp)goes the first one, (EarP) goes the second one, Ooo! How they wiggle & they squirm.
        Long, skinny, slimy ones--short, fat, juicy ones...Itsy-bitsy, fuzzy-wuzzy worms!

If you're still with me after that, I must say that song always worked with my kids.   In a related link to that, a nice gal at Cyber Quilters Forum submitted this:  Check it out!

TRUE CONFESSIONS of a QUILTER:  "I was kicked off Alex Anderson's chat room!!"
Have you every tried one of those HGTV's live chats?  I thought it would be fun to talk to Alex, or at least try to.  She was suppose to be in the room at 3:00 EST, so I went there 5 minutes early and waited.  There was already about 8 or 9 names present when I got in on the first #1 room.

Hard to figger' out what was goin' on, but you wait on the HGTV moderator to ask a question to her from one of us and she replies.  So there was a moderator reading the questions to Alex.  Anyway, it was REAL SLOW to load her replies.  It would take 5 minutes of staring at the screen between questions and answers, waiting.  So I had better things to do, so I jumped in and asked the question, "Do you give manicures to all the guests on your show just before taping?"  (Have your ever noticed that about those hand close-ups?  I knew the answer because a lady who was a guest once told me it was a requirement to get your nails done)

I wanted to see her answer, if she got a laugh, or if she was "amused".  I entered it and clicked on the "say" button.

A few seconds go by, nothing new.  Then all of a sudden, I'm in CYBER-NeverNever Land!  A window appears with the HGTV logo telling me I have to type in the administrator's name to re-enter.  I say to myself, "What the.."  Then another pop-up window loads on top of that one that is totally blank and I get an error message of some kind.

So, I re-enter HGTV's site and chat room URL.  They put me in duplicate room #l0 (no access).  By this time they are on question #7.  What happened to questions 3,4,5, & 6?  Oh well...

I guess they were "not amused".

Out with the Old, In with the New: 
Remember HenryCat?  He was the subject of last November's newsletter.  Well, in February, it was warm outside, unseasonably warm, and we decided to let him out of the house for a little while.  You remember Henry was cross-eyed and was kept inside for his own protection.  Henry was quite the Romeo, and we felt sorry for him being so "frustrated" all the time, so he went out occasionally, but usually no further than our garage or back yard.  This time he wandered off and we haven't seen him since.  We suspect he went to the neighbor's farm which is about 1/4 mile.  Since then though, we've had several cold nights and an ice storm, so we've more or less given up hope that he'll be back, what with the coyote population around here.  Or maybe there's more women over there than here.  He's been in our house for several years now.  He'll be missed.   But not for long...........

Frosty - 1 WkMeet Frosty.  Seems when HenryCat would visit outside females he would waste no time.  We have THREE litters of kittens out there in the garage right now.  And they all look like Henry!  One mama abandoned her 2 kittens on one of those cold, cold nights.  DH (dear husband) rescued them, half-frozen.  He managed to save this one with a little CPR believe it or not.  His sibling didn't make it.  Frosty is now 3 weeks old.  DH has been bottle feeding him, and keeping him in a box kept warm with a heating pad on low setting.  Seems to be thriving now, except for the last inch or so on his tail.  Guess it was frozen off.  So now we have Frosty in the house.  Oh, joy.

Update 3/4/02:

Frosty - 4 Weeks

Here's a more current shot at 4 weeks.  Looks just like his daddy, don't he?  Except this one is not cross-eyed!  Shown here wrestling with his foster daddy.  Amazing what a little PetLac will do for newborns, huh?  



What's New?
Simple Scrappy Pleasures
New Free Block of the Month:  Starting this month is the Simple Scrappy Pleasures quilt.  This is a super easy quilt top, made from your scrap pile.  Great for beginners.  Measures 80" x 88".  Lots of Half-Square triangle units on one border.  Then rows of simple blocks.  Blocks are 4", 6", and 12".  It's a 13-month project, so you'll learn a little patience before it's over, ha!  But that's what quilting is all about, patience practice.  This is a great project for using up scraps of plaids, stripes, checks.
It's also available on the pattern page in a 40 x 44 wall hanging.

And don't forget Granny's Tip of the Month for March!

May you always have a quilt in the hoop, I try to.                            

February 28, 2002


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