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Vol. I, No. IV, Nov., 2001



Mr. Henrycat
         Henry Cat

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I'm extremely allergic to cats.

I love cats---from a distance.

My husband is a cat fanatic.  Therefore, we have one cat in the house, and countless cats outside.  It's the situation of  "love me/ love my cat"  you've always heard.  This is very true.  You must then assume that I must love my husband a whole lot.  And you are right, otherwise I would be long gone.

Henry Cat is caught in the middle.  We have an understanding, Henry & me, but I have to remind him of it once in awhile.  You see, he keeps his distance, and I give him hamburger once in a while.  He's really not that much of a bother until he sneaks over to my side of the bed when he thinks I'm sound asleep.  Since he's a tom cat, not fixed, he does have a problem with spraying, of course.  But he understands if he does that, then I reach for the spray bottle of water kept handy and he gets sprayed too.  Usually I just have to threaten to reach for it, and he gets the picture.

It's kinda' hard to tell from his picture, but Henry Cat is cross-eyed.  Abandoned at birth and nursed from a bottle, he had a troubled childhood, and I'm still not sure if he's "plugged all the way in", if you know what I mean.  He follows the rules most of the time.  Because of his malady, he doesn't jump up on the furniture or counter tops (unless you absent-mindedly leave a chair out for him to climb up on).  He stays away from my lap and my couch, until it's time for his afternoon snack of (of all things) dog food, and then he comes to me and tells me it's time.  (That's what he's doing in this picture above).  When I feed the outside dog his can of Alpo Special Cuts, Henry gets the gravy-like liquid off the top.  (You think, "OOOhhh, Gross!!").  If you have a cat, give it some, you'll see.  He will be forever grateful.

Anyway, that's our mascot, Henry Cat.  You'll see him in some of our quilt photos from time to time.  Especially when I photograph something on the floor.  He thinks the quilt is put there for him to lay on and he will immediately claim it.

MCC Update:  While you are reading this, I'm on my way to the Oklahoma Mennonite Relief Sale in Enid, Okla., the first weekend of November.  Most of you are probably on your way to Houston Quilt Festival.  My friend, Regina, and I are threatening to head for Enid and keep on going down to Houston, too.  Will try to take some pictures of the quilt auction for you for the December newsletter. (I'm actually just going there for the food!)  

What's new on the site:  This month's block-of-the-month free project is the My Stars & Bars quilt.  I know some of you have been waiting for this one to be free, well here it is.  This is a gorgeous red, white, and blue twin-size quilt.  It's great therapy for those with depressed feelings in light of recent events.  It was good therapy for me to design and piece.  It's 11 months of 9" and 4 1/2" blocks and is 64" x 88" twin.  You can see the finished top on Gallery 2. You can also buy the complete pattern set on the Pattern Page or even a finished top on the Misc. 4 Sale Page.  The Simply Amish free block this month is the Postage Stamp block.  As most of you know, it's a basket block derived from a US Postal Service Stamp years ago, in two colors.  The Basket Beauties block this month is the Plaid Basket block.  And the House Hunting free block is the Schoolhouse block.  You guys are really being too shy about sending in pictures for our guest gallery.  SEND SOME SNAPSHOTS.  What do I have to do, grab you by the collars and shake you???  (S.Q.S. - Shaken Quilters' Syndrome!)

NEW PATTERN!!!!!This one is great for all you quilters who don't  like 8-pointed stars because of all the set-in work.  Easy Eights is just for you.  No templates, No set-in pieces, No 45 angles to cut.  All squares and rectangles.  Eight months/eight blocks, in wall-hanging size.  And, of course, only $9.95.

     Easy Eights

Here's the finished top and it's on the 4sale page, too.  I used Cranston's "Collections" - kind of a marbly solids scheme.  It would be great with Christmas fabrics, and also make a great baby quilt (since it's 44" square) in pastels.  Super quick to piece.

Almost forgot, Granny's doing the tip of the month for a while.  She sure was griping a lot because no one would send her an email (except some smart aleck kid wanting to know how old she was) to ask her advice.  So in an effort to keep Granny happy, we're going to let her do the monthly tip.  She was so happy, she kicked up her heels and was mumbling something about "Lawrence Welk" when she left the room.  ....Don't Miss It!!


October 30, 2001

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