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Vol. I, No. III, Oct., 2001


   I believe I speak for all the quilting community when I offer
our prayers for the victims and their families.

"Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."  Joshua 1:9 NIV



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Yes, This really is our house.  

The Pletts' Plot:    It has been for over 20 years. It may not be much, but it has served us well.  Four sons grew up in it, and now four grandsons frequent it.  To begin with, it was just a 28' x 28' square cracker box in the middle of a prairie.  In fact, we once received mail some neighbor got by accident and wrote to the postman to "try the little house on the prairie".  At first it was just house and no garage or anything.  We had the local Amish build it from my husbands plans.  There was one winter when a certain un-named relative drove through our dining room by accident.  Then a couple of years later and boys turning into teenage drivers, we added a double garage and The Quilt Shoppe on the north end.  Then a few years later we added a triple carport, and covered patio on the back.  It has weathered many an Oklahoma tornado season.  Just this month we had some repairs from the last storm here.  Had to replace a few shingles, the kitchen window, and new garage door, and added new shutters.  Now it's not known as "the little house on the prairie", everyone around here knows it as the Quilt Shoppe.  There's a sign at the long driveway entrance that has been there several years.  

Eden Mennonite Sewing Society, Follow-Up:  Those of you who saw last month's (September) issue know about this group.  Well this last week (Thursday, Sept. 27) they started working on a quilt top I donated to them to sell on Memorial Day, 2002, auction.  You might recognize the pattern----yes, it's the Ozark Mountain pattern on this site!  They have it set up for their quilting bee for the country festival they're having on Saturday, the 29th.  Any quilter who passes by and wants to quilt on it is allowed to.  Here's a pic:

    We all agreed that it would look great with a white eyelet dust ruffle and white eyelet shams.  Or even if someone has a black & white color scheme, it would look great.  Will put this on the gallery as well. (That's good friend, Lorena Jantz in the background, and Dorothy Janz in the foreground, and Veatrice Nickel's hand on the right).

What's New on this Site:  Lots of things!  No. 1:  We've added a Tip of the Month page that we hope will be helpful and DIFFERENT than tips you've already learned.  These are things in general we've learned through quilting for 20+ years and we'll try not to repeat anything you've heard from other quilters' tip books and pages.  And, land yes, we've heard it all!  If I hear one more time to run my thread thru beeswax to keep it from tangling, I will stick my head in the oven.  From time to time, Granny will be a contributor to this page also.  No. 2:  We have TWO NEW PATTERNS on the pattern page.  The first is the Quilter's Alphabet wall hanging.  We know you'll love this one.  It's all the letters in the alphabet spelled out in blocks by that name---from A to Z.  This is a "must have" for any quilter.  It would be great to have hanging in your sewing room, or hallway for a conversation piece, to "show-off" all the blocks you know by name.  All the blocks are 6" finished, so the quilt measures 40 x 47.  Not too big and not too small.  Plus, you get 27 block patterns all for $9.95.  Here's a pic:


The second is the  My Stars & Bars twin-size quilt.  This one is kinda' fun to make too.  It would be great for a teenager's room, or if you have a bare wall somewhere, it would be an interesting addtion in Red, White, & Blue with a Sky Blue background.  Here's a pic:

It measures 67 x 90.  You could make two and they would look great on bunk beds.  It has 7 little American flags across the top, lots of flying geese that resemble airplanes flying, and what resembles railroad tracks on a couple of stripes that my grandsons love to run their cars along.  

No. 3:  The Free Block of the Month project this month is the House Hunting pattern.  The project runs for 9 months, with the first block as the Just Trees block.  Each month you will make 2 blocks of each.  Or you can make a wall hanging instead,  like the one on the gallery by making 1 of each and 2 of the Just Trees block.  This quilt CRIES OUT to be embellished.  Use your imagination on adding "cutesy" items to each block (like a TV antenna on each house, birds in the trees, chickens in the farmyard, etc.).  And be sure to send us a jpeg for our guest gallery coming soon.  No. 4:  The third Simply Amish block this month is the Susannah block, using the quick corner method.  No.5:  The second Basket Beauties block this month is the Bow Basket, a cute little basket.  No. 6:  Check out the new items on the gallery page, especially the Warren Ascot Adventure quilt--a labor of love that has taken years to finish!

Well, that's all today.  I'm not going to "vent" my feelings on recent events here.  We all know how awful we all feel and it need not be dwelt upon.  Not by me, not here anyway.  Just each of us do our part to pray for others and be grateful for what we have.

Those of you going to Houston this year (first week of November) be careful traveling, but enjoy every minute of it.  I'll be thinking of you when I'm at Enid at the Oklahoma MCC Relief Sale, eating my New Year's Cookies and coffee.

Don't forget to send in jpegs for the GUEST GALLERY and, would SOMEBODY PLEASE WRITE TO GRANNY---she's getting extremely cranky!! as you can see on her page this month.


Sept. 28, 2001

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