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Vol. II, No. X, October, 2002
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    Hot off the Press!  The First Collection is finally done and available on the pattern page!  This collection contains 5 of my first patterns:  Simply Amish Wall Hanging, House Hunting, Quilter's Alphabet Wall Hanging, My Stars & Bars, and the Heart Trio Wall Hanging.  There are 61 pages with a total of 60 block patterns ranging from 4" to 12".  And it's quite a bargain at $14.95!  Consider that if you ordered each pattern from the pattern page for $9.95/each, it would cost you $49.75!  That's a savings of $34.80!  The patterns are assembled in book form with a comb binding.  This helps to easily read the pattern open flat.  No wrestling with papers or flipping pages.  Order yours today!  The second collection is in the planning stages already.

What else is new?  How about this?

Basket Luncheon Set
Basket Luncheon Set

    This is new on the pattern page also.  Just enough time to make for the holidays.  Four little basket blocks (4") that make up four placemats and a table runner.  Miniatures are so fast and cute!  This is also this month's free block-of--the-month project starting now.  I put a different lining on the back side so that I can turn them over when the grandkids visit.  You can see that on the Gallery 5 page.  I used some Lionel train fabric and some Sponge Bob fabric.  They'll love it.  Also on the back side of the table runner, I used some Christmas fabric I just recently purchased, called the 12 Cats of Christmas

    Remember the friendship basket swap?  Well it's over now, and here are the 9 blocks we ended up with.  If you don't remember, a group of us on the Scrap Quilting Forum (Delphi Groups) online started this at the beginning of summer to work on all summer long.  We each made a basket block for each person in the group.  This month we swapped blocks with each other.  And I think this is going to make a lovely small quilt when it is set together.  I'm thinking with butterflies and flowers fabrics.  It's very nice to have something made by and with your own circle of friends

Yes, that's our Frosty the Cat !!

    This is a work in progress.  A good friend asked me for a hand-quilted baby quilt, so in my spare time (ha!) I have this to do.  Yes, I know it's a little on the bright side!  I like it that way.  It's the baby cobblestone pattern included in Claudia's Nickel Cobblestone pattern on the pattern page.  This only takes 13 cobblestone blocks (there are 4 stones in each block) made from 5" (nickel) squares.  A real good way to use up scraps quickly

Baby Nickel Cobblestones in Progress

Baby Cobblestones Close Up


Site seeing, anyone?

    You might be interested in this article in the Daily Oklahoman about a worthwhile project taken on by lovely ladies on Delphi's Quilting Passion Forum:  

    Fat Quarter Fever?  If you've got the fever, they've got the cure!  I think I'm coming down with it!  After looking at their great prices.....  

    Remember the crazy horse?  Well they have them all finished and here's where to go to see them......... 

    Here's a nice site to help you to make your own quilt labels and/or gift tags.......

    Ok, I know I said no more quizzes, but here's another anyway:  What's Your Pirate Name???
  Mine is Iron Charity Rackham

3 Barns, Sedan, Kansas---

    A real sightseeing excursion of interest that we took in September.  The Three Barns Quilt Show is hosted by Lillie's Classic Quilts, located in historic downtown Sedan, Kansas.  The show was held in a recently restored, 2-story barn built in 1911 and recently renovated.  
    The show featured works and display booths from well-known Kansas quilters and businesses.  Some of those contributing and attending were:  Indygo Junction, Alma Allen and Barbara Adams of Blackbird Designs, Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilters, Karla Menaugh of Sunflower Pattern Co-operative, Chris Wolf Edmonds, Dorothy Brinkman and Suzanne Brown, and Terry Clothier Thompson of Peace Creek Pattern Co and designer for Moda Fabrics.
    The atmosphere at this show was 9.9 on a scale of 10.  They hope to make this an annual event.
    I think what I enjoyed most was the lunch we had at a local restaurant after the show.  Next year the little town of Sedan, Kansas, will know just how many quilters there are in the world.  They were little prepared for the numbers, I think.  One restaurant downtown had to close its doors due to lack of food.  We waited in line for a table at the J&W Restaurant for almost 30 minutes before 2 nice little Kansas ladies, sisters, allowed us to sit at their table.  We had such a nice visit with them while we watched THEM eat their food.  We hated to see them go.  In the remaining HOUR AND A HALF waiting on our order, we had two more quilters join us at our table.  They were from Ponca City, Okla., and they got to visit with us while they watched US eat.  They were delightful also.  Quilters are such great company.
    We traveled on back through the town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  They have a wonderful guild there called Jubilee Quilter's Guild.  And we decided to look up quilt shops there.  It had been at least 10 years since I had been through last, and there were 3 quilt shops then.  You guessed it--there were none.  Isn't that pathetic??  What a shame that it is soooo hard for local quilt shops to financially maintain themselves.  Those that thrive seem to be the ones located in urban areas where there is enough business to compete with chain stores, etc.  
    So remember---support your local quilt shop!! 


Well, I've chewed your ear enough for now, back to my quilting!

May you always have a quilt in the hoop, I try to.                            

September 30, 2002


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