(shown made with redwood)




Quilt Frame Corner Stands - Construction Plans

(Plans only)

Yes, it's the plans to build your own quilt frame corner stands.  

In the old days, quilters used sawhorses to support their wooden frames. 

These corner stands are a very unique way to support your 1 x 2 frame boards and a good way to help "stabilize" the frame.  And, they are stackable, for easy closet storage.

Shown at left, below are some members of the Eden Mennonite Sewing Society, Inola, Oklahoma, using one of their sets of corner stands.  (The large, full frame is made from 4 white pine 1 x 2's, sanded down, and 4 C-clamps at the corners).  

You will also notice the stands are useful for containing your quilting supplies on top.  

Working height measures 28 1/2" from the floor.


Order the plans and ask your favorite "handyman/person" to make a set for you!

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